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Everybody loves a good sequel–in a timely manner of course. Sequels have the ability to piggyback off the original products greatness while adding their own tangible improvements to the mix.

The thought process behind delayed successors is generally more successful in movies, opposed to the musical realm.

It takes a little bit of time to build anticipation but if the wait stretches beyond a reasonable grace period, then the creative process is risking becoming the butt end of a joke with endless running gags to associate it with. Ask any patient who tried to check-in for treatment at Dr. Dre’s Detox clinic that once a certain lapse of time passes, then the project’s credibility is put into jeopardy.

Still, the hardheaded never learn and some rappers proceed like time stopped for their ballyhooed album and fans will be more than welcoming with their iTunes downloads.

It is a valid possibility as you’ll see from the following list of 8 Rap Sequels That Took Over 10 Years To Come Out. And sometimes, it was just an album. Simple as that.

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