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Lil Scrappy and Young Buck have so much in common that their new collaboration, “They Hate Me,” isn’t just a song about typical rap fare.

In 2007, they were both on the outs with their respective label affiliation, BME and G-Unit, but still had enough clout and cash flow to shout careless about their “Money in the Bank.”

Of course there’s always the pride before the fall and both equally fell on hard times in their respective corners. Young Buck was recently living in struggle after a bout with the IRS forced the Tennessee rapper to take an iron vacation as a result of his actions. The Georgia rager had to experience a stint in rehab due to his relations with Mary Jane and still managed to let his anger issues shine through.

The sun rises and sets–and then rises again, however and the two rebellious MCs are ready to get back on the saddle and do what they do best. Lil Scrappy recently signed a new record deal and Young Buck was recently spotted in the studio with Game.

Together they reunite for “They Hate Me,” most likely to be found on Scrappy’s new album, Reparations. The subject matter comes off a tad bit cliché but the melody and production add a nice padding. Listen below and add it to your new playlist.

Photo: Twitter