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Beyoncé had a busy 2013 thanks to a performing on her world tour, unofficially dropping numerous songs, raising Blue Ivy and and sharing plenty of pictures on Instagram. However, she didn’t get around to dropping an album. Supposedly, the R&B and Pop diva will be releasing said project next year, according to Rob Stringer, the chairman of her record label. 

Reports Vulture:

Or so said the chairman of Columbia Records, when asked about his 2014: “Obviously, at some point, Beyoncé will put a record out.” That is actually not very obvious, after a year of waiting for an official single. And the “at some point” is not exactly reassuring (unless they’re planning a surprise release?). But anyway, Columbia says Bey will release an album next year. Plan accordingly.

This scientifically translates to, her label knows as much about that album’s alleged release as you and me do. Just saying.

Someone ask Jay Z when his wife’s album is dropping.

Photo: Instagram