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“Reality hasn’t set in that he has to go to jail yet.  He shouldn’t have to go to jail”

After pleading guilty to gun possession charges back in October 2009, Lil Wayne will now have to report to the court February 9 to receive his one year sentence at Rikers Island.

Leaving his imprint and featuring himself in as many video’s, songs, etc as possible before the bid, Wayne is making sure that his time will not heavily effect his fans and will leave them with enough material to soak up until his release.

Stating that he will make sure that he will have an iPod to go through beats, a source within the confines of the cell assures the fact that the rapper will not actually be entitled to such luxuries.  Coinciding with other stipulations, the rapper will see his dreadlocks left intact as it is no longer mandatory for a prisoner to cut their hair.

Already putting in work for The Carter IV and stating that he will continue recording, Weezy might come to realize that serving for the state means that it is no longer Wayne’s world.

Who’s to know exactly how Lil Wayne will choose to spend his last hours as a free man, but one thing known for sure is the fact that he will leave that cell even hungrier and have more than enough stories to tell in the climb to claiming his spot back.

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