Hip-Hop Wired: Can you elaborate on how James Fauntleroy’s joined 1500 or Nothin’?

Larrance Dopson: I met James at church and he was battling somebody in free styling. Killing ’em. People don’t know that he’s the best rapper ever, on some Jay Z type sh*t. He really can freestyle and he really just know how to sing. It’s super easy for him.

We actually started hanging out during after we were in a shootout together. We went to a party in the Valley [near L.A.], some friends started a fight…they arrested everybody in the party and we just told each other, like ‘look we gotta’ stop playin.’

Hip-Hop Wired: You guys are unlike any other crew that I know of in L.A.

Larrance Dopson: I don’t know any other crew like us in the world [laughs]. Not to be like that, only because we’ve been all around the world. It could be a lot of crews [around] but usually people like that don’t stick together, but either they broke up, or money f*cked them over. We’ve been through all the sh*t that we’ve been through. When we make music together it’s a whole other language and we all understand it.

Hip-Hop Wired: Can you talk about producing “17” on Dom Kennedy’s Get Home Safely ?

Larrance Dopson: That’s just a sample I made. Like people would sample from the ’50s, ’60d, ’70s, and ’80s, and we take the drums out and let our friends make beats, or we make our own beats to our own samples so we can pay ourselves. That’s what happened with Dom Kennedy, it was a sample I just made.

Hip-Hop Wired: Congrats on the Grammy nod, how many have you ever won?

Larrance Dopson: None.  I’ve been nominated for nine Grammys as a whole we’ve been nominated for 21 now… it’s all good. We’re just getting started, so I’m not trippin’. I want all my Grammys at once. I want like five at a time so, I’ll wait a couple years. I want it to be with us, and our artists.

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