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As the year grows closer, criminals seem to be desperately vying for the crown for the world’s most dumbest felon.

About a week ago, a tenant witnessed a woman twerking in broad daylight right before she and an accomplice stole some packages from an apartment building in Clinton Hill. Although the attention-seeking dancer is still on the loose, the Clyde of the caper has been nabbed by police.

Blame Miley.

Reports NY Post:

Akintunde Mills, 47, was arrested Friday, about a week and a half after he and his booty-shaking accomplice got down and dirty in front of the Washington Avenue building in Clinton Hill, then ripped open Fed Ex packages sitting in the hallway of the building and stole more than $200 worth of clothing, cops said.

His female accomplice had been caught on surveillance video twerking just outside the main entrance minutes earlier, giving Mills a broad-daylight lap dance s as neighbors came and went from the building.

Mills was charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and criminal trespassing, cop said.

What are the chances his Bonnie took her act on the road to Broadway? Most likely, nil. Watch the video that got Mr. Mills his own cell this upcoming Christmas.

Photo: YouTube