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Is the jig finally up when it comes to Tyler Perry’s “Madea” movies? The latest film in the franchise, A Madea Christmas, under-performed during its opening week with a total a shade over $16 million at the box office. 

Reports The Grio:

After Tyler Perry hinted that his most famous creation might “die a quick death”, his latest entry in the popular series of comedies under-performed at the box office.

A Madea Christmas opened with just $16 million this weekend, which is well below all of his previous Madea films, which all opened north of $20 million.

Granted, competition was fierce. Perry’s latest opened up against the debut of the latest Hobbit film, which made a whopping $74 million.

Perry has seen diminished returns with several of his recent releases, but the film did receive an A- Cinemascore average from filmgoers.

We’ll deal with Cinemascore giving Perry’s flick an A- at some other time. But does this mean audiences are growing tired of Madea’s screen antics?

While the box office returns for said flicks have always done well, their has always been a legion of critics and detractors of the movies, usually revolving around its use of stereotypes and buffoonery for laughs.

A Madea Christmas is starting off in the hole considering it cost Lionsgate $25 million to make.

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Photo: Lionsgate