An Illinois woman was sentenced to prison after police say she held a pregnant mentally disabled woman captive, beating her, burning her and using her for target practice before she died.

Michelle Riley was sentenced to 45 years in prison after police discovered the mangled body of Dorothy Dixon.

According to authorities Riley and five other people beat the woman with the handle of plunger, burned her with  scalding hot water and used her for BB gun target practice before she and her unborn child died from her injuries.

When police found the 29-year-old woman she was scalded from head to toe indicating that she’d been burned by hot water and had various wounds from the BB gun pellets.

They also say that the woman appeared to have some of her teeth knocked out and had “very deep” cuts in her scalp, some down to the bone.

Riley and her cohorts held the woman captive while they collected her disability checks.

The four others which include two of Riley’s children still face first-degree murder charges in connection with the crime.

This is terrible.

45 years is not enough! That woman should be put under the jail.

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