“Today, we are killing that tattoo of the wife beater!”

It is said that there’s nothing worse than the wrath of a woman scorned.

Apparently, Tahiry has yet to get her fill of giving rapper Joe Budden further public humiliation as she used a tattoo party with her female friends as a platform to further embarrass the New Jersey rapper now that their unity is two individuals.

It has become increasingly evident “bitter” women that have their crosshairs ready to terminate all men on sight.  Maybe Valentine’s Day won’t be knocking at certain people’s doors this year?

Back in the good old days, Tahiry went as far as getting a tattoo of her former rapper on her hip, but now the time has come to have it removed.

Proclaiming Jumpoff as “the wife beater”, Tahiry and company proceed to deliver a little bit of ether to the rapper.  It seems that the allegiance with 50 Cent has created a new perception for Tahiry as she uses to further promote her own upcoming blog.

Outside of the jabs at Joe Budden, at least check to see all the intricate places where these women have gotten tattoos.  Enjoy.

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