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Yesterday (December 21), Beyoncé held an album screening party at the School Of Visual Arts Theatre in NYC where she discussed secretly making all those videos for her new self-titled LP. Reports the New York Daily News:

Beyoncé admitted the toughest part about making her latest album was keeping it a secret.

The “Single Ladies” singer said she wore earbuds as she shot the video for “XO” in Coney Island to keep the public from hearing the song before the album release.

“They had a lot of static, and you could barely hear and I’m trying to lip synch to the lyrics,” Beyoncé told fans following a private showing Saturday of her new music videos at the School of Visual Arts Theatre on W. 23rd St.

Yeah, that’s interesting and all, but let’s get to this outfit Queen Bey was rocking to said event. Jay Z is clearly one gloriously happy man.

Check out photos of the skin-tight number by scrolling through the following pages.

Photos: Alberto Reyes/

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