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Digital media is not only big business in 2013, it’s the only business as far as success is concerned. If Beyoncé’s most recent earthquake of an album taught us anything, it’s that the Internet and all its capabilities are to be fully taken advantage of if you want to go far within your musical career.

That goes for double with rappers and their music videos.

Try to recall the five great videos you’ve seen, let’s say in 2010. If you’ve had a time coming up with a couple, you’re most likely not alone. There’s always great visuals from hungry MCs who recruit hungrier directors to execute their vision in full. The ubiquity of a video camera and passage to upload canals has made the amount of mediocrity more apparent than the ones worth your short attention spans.

Never fear, though. Hip-Hop Wired’s best Hip-Hop videos of 2013 are the ones that combined entertainment with creativity to great lengths, they either amassed plenty of views, received acclaim from credible sources or in some cases, they achieved both.

You may find some of these coincide with the Top Albums of 2013 and the Top Songs of 2013 but neither categories were an automatic qualifier for this list.

It’s all about who made you tune it and kept you glued in. Hit the gallery to revisit the top picks.

Photo: YouTube

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