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Internet memes are a raging sensation but few celebrities actually acknowledge the ones that bear their own likeness.

Apparently those unwritten rules don’t apply to Floyd Mayweather and as the controversial boxer took to his Instagram and Facebook accounts to wish the foe he has yet to fight, Manny Pacquiao a Merry Christmas with a meme which mocked his knockout defeat at the hands of Juan Marquez.

For those that don’t follow Mayweather on social media, the undefeated champion has a very active accounts on both fronts, continuously posting pictures of his various exploits throughout the week. No one knows what provoked this latest act of ether but at press time, he’s received close to 20,000 interactions across the board.

The four-part photo depicts a simulated phone call interaction between Mayweather and Pacquiao where the latter scoffs at his initial offer of $40 million to face off in a boxing match. The lower portion revisits Pacquiao’s plank-like position after Marquez woke him up only to put him to sleep in December of 2012. The picture also included the caption, “This is my Christmas card to the world… Happy Sleepy Holidays zzzzzzzzzzzz”

Floyd Mayweather’s apparent arrogance is a sharp contrast to what 50 Cent spoke on, saying that it was Floyd who was slow to sign the paperwork so the fight could take place.

Regardless of who did or said what, the Internet showed the Pacman not an ounce of chill when he was knocked out, hilariously spoofing the scenario, reminiscent to the stunt Mayweather just pulled.

Hop over to the next page to see the picture that has everyone clammering their opinions. Is this fight every going to take place? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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