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As the snow continues to fall and the best videos of the year are already in the history books, rappers don’t really have much to aim or gain going into the Top 10 Videos Of The Week.

Like Jadakiss smugly pointed out the other day, the music industry endures a virtual shutdown during the fourteen day period that intersects Christmas and New Year’s.

With most of the fireworks already bursted in the aforementioned year-end Wrap-Up, the last weekly visual dedication of 2013 still saved a bit of punch to close things out. Hip-Hop always manges to take care of their own and you’ll find the most timely memorial of all-time included in the list. Mobb Deep also saw their early 00s influences being brought back to life in R&B form and let’s just say a bit of comedic relief was crowned king this time around.

Next time we have this encounter, it will be 2014.

See you on the other side, friends and family. Enjoy the videos.

Photo: YouTube

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