Yet another rapper who doubts scientific proof. Dipset co-founder, Cam’ron, needs more proof than big dinosaur bones to prove they actually roamed the earth he revealed in an interview.

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Just when it seemed like the hoverboard fad was officially over, the ItsTheReal brought them back for their quirky and comedic visuals to “Dave Matthews Bands.”

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If you’re in a relationship, most people believe manscaping and womanscaping is vital in keeping that spark alive in the bedroom.

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As the snow continues to fall and the best videos of the year are already in the history books, rappers don’t really have much to aim or gain going into the Top 10 Videos Of The Week.

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This. Is. Funny. Hip-Hop sketch comedy team ItsTheReal drop a new song and video called “Jews For Jesus.”

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Comedic duo ItsTheReal return with more fan questions in the fifth episode of Rap Lines With Eric & Jeff. Mac Miller sits on the hot seat this time in an interview that’s as zany as all involved parties. Miller does manage to provide a bit of wisdom to an aspiring rapper from his hometown. He also says […]

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The comedic parody duo ItsTheReal, comprised of Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, have been a fixture in Hip-Hop since 2007, so it’s a wonder that it would take them this long to release an actual musical project. Better late than never, we receive a mixtape from our favorite Jewish sketch comedy outfit, titled Urbane Outfitters Volume 1.


The combination of humorous satire and Hip-Hop is not a new concept, with Chris Rock and also successful parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic playfully jabbing at the culture in past times. Today, the Web is full of personalities poking fun at Hip-Hop with popular blogger The Kid Mero and parody duo ItsTheReal leading the way. 

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Pimp C lives… through Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, aka ItsTheReal? We know that sounds crazy, but the influence is certainly there on “Girls With The Dirty Souths,” the latest leak from the duo’s forthcoming mixtape, Urbane Outfitters, Vol. 1.

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If you’re familiar with Maino and his history in the music industry, then you may have heard stories of him literally bullying his way into the game. Hip-Hop sketch comedians Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, aka ItsTheReal, play on that tale on, “Beef With Us,” the first single from their forthcoming mixtape Urbane Outfitters, Vol. 1.

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The two jews with attitudes who made a name for themselves by making fun of rappers, are now about to become rappers. Yes, they are dead serious. Jeff and Eric Rosenthal will be making their on stage debut at the Bonnaroo festival’s Solar Stage Friday, June 8th at 9pm. Their comedy mixtape, Urbane Outfitters, will […]

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ItsTheReal: The Check-In w/ Wiz Khalifa   The Rosenthal Brothers sit down with Wiz and discuss the 12 days of Christmas.  I’m sure we can all guess at least one of the things that made the list.   Peep the video.