We’re going to go ahead and consider this a case where we gotta hear both sides. KRS-One is heard cursing out and threatening his protege MC Funky J in this audio of an argument the two had at an undisclosed date. 

From what we ascertain, KRS was pissed that MC Funky J left a note on his door threatening his well being. It seems that MC Funky J’s van was stolen, with the note basically saying that if he found out the Blastmaster had anything to do with it, the fade would be dealt.

However, during the conversation KRS asserts that he had nothing to do with the theft but he is more pissed at Funky J putting a note on his front door. This is why we get late 80s, early 90s era KRS who is ready to step to anyone that wants it, including his own quasi-friend/protege.

MC Funky J is who sent us the audio, and had to make sure he highlighted any potential hypocrisy.

“Mr. Stop The Violence aka The Teacha, KRS-One threatens Protégé MC Funky J, says “I’ll kill you!” and that he loves “beating white boys” going against the Gospel of Hip Hop, The Hip Hop D.O.P (Declaration of Peace), The Temple of Hip Hop and everything KRiSoney claims to stand for.”

What Funky J expect if he really did threaten the “I’m Still #1” rapper, though? Did he even tell KRS-One the convo was being taped?

Listen to the argument for yourself below.

Photo: Koch/E1