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For those who have taken a ride on New York’s MTA subway line, it’s possible you’ve been impressed by the several talented performers of all sorts inside the cars. However, a pair of breakdancing young men found themselves in hot water after being charged with reckless endangerment while unleashing their moves on a moving train.

DNAInfo reported on the case of Shamik Watson, 20, and Andrew Washington, 18, after the men were spotted by NYPD dancing and flipping on a crowded northbound A train the afternoon of December 27. After boarding the train at the West 4th Station, the men, part of the “ It’s Showtime!” dancers, placed a large boombox on the floor and began their routine.

From DNAInfo:

Police spotted 20-year-old Shamik Watson and 18-year-old Andrew Washington dancing and somersaulting on a packed A train at about 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 27, police said.

The pair caused a hazard to themselves and others around them, and made excessive noise by blaring music from a stereo, police said.

Although there were no reports of anyone being harmed by the dancers, the cops still saw fit to shut down the breakdancing duo all the same.

Have you ever felt in danger by the NYC subway performances? Do you think breakdancing is a big deal on the train cars? Let us know in the comments.

Hit the jump to see photos of some subway breakdancing and a video of the “It’s Showtime!” dancers in action.

Photos: ANNY, Flickr

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