The esteemed breaking competition heads to the City of Light for their world championship final & 20th anniversary of the event.


'Breakin'' Star and Michael Jackson dancer Bruno "Pop N Taco" Falcon Passed Away Over The Weekend, He Was 58 years old.

The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher competition is the first of four regional contests that will determine which b-girl or b-boy will g on and represent the United States after the Red Bull BC One National Finals concludes this fall.

The four City Cypher regional qualifiers will ultimately feature the top 16 B-Boys and 8 B-Girls in the nation who will aim to win the National Final before going for the World Final.

It is being reported that Adolfo Quiñones, best known as breakdancer Shabba Doo, has died but a recent Wikipedia entry says otherwise.

—— It has long been established that Hip-Hop music and culture had become an international phenomenon, and a new documentary focuses on the genre’s influence in Asian culture. Asia Rising – The Next Generation of Hip Hop dives deep into Asian Hip-Hop culture with a profile on rising artists in that scene.

This Saturday (Sept. 29), Switzerland will play host to an international dance competition for the ages. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Red Bull BC One World Final Championships, B-boys and B-girls from all over the world will face off to claim the title of champion and a bit of history will be made […]

The New York Police Department is cracking down on subway breakdancers, arresting more and more “Showtime!” performers every single day.

For those who have taken a ride on New York’s MTA subway line, it’s possible you’ve been impressed by the several talented performers of all sorts inside the cars. However, a pair of breakdancing young men found themselves in hot water after being charged with reckless endangerment while unleashing their moves on a moving train.

Michael Holman may not be a household name to Hip-Hop fans, but he should be. Holman’s 1984 television series, Graffiti Rock, lasted only one episode despite gaining good ratings and influencing rappers such as the Beastie Boys. Holman has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the show’s 30th anniversary, and still holds a torch for the […]

The art of breakdancing was born and exploded in popularity in the United States, becoming a global phenomenon and inspiring new forms. At the historic Apollo Theater later this month, the four-day Hip Hop dance festival, Breakin’ Convention, will bring together an international representation of dancers  keeping the art form alive.