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The New York Police Department is cracking down on subway breakdancers, arresting more and more “Showtime!” performers every single day.

According to ABC News, NYPD has arrested more than 240 breakdancers in 2014, a sixfold increase from the year prior. Besides notoriously harassing subway vendors and panhandlers, cops have begun to zero in on train-riding breakdancers, arresting them on charges like reckless endangerment.

“Is it a significant crime? Certainly not,” Police Commission William Bratton told AP. “Does it have the potential both for creating a level of fear as well as a level of risk that you want to deal with?”

If you’ve ever been one of the rare onlookers to get hit in the face or kicked in head, then you should be happy about this. But one performer feels otherwise. “We’re not just knuckleheads… We’re actually about something,” said Andrew “Goofy” Saunders, 20-year-old dancer whose group has been booked for music videos thanks to their transit shows.

While it is illegal to perform on a subway train or a bus, the law states it is legal to perform on transit facilities.

Watch a famous NYC “Showtime!” set in the video below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: YouTube