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An interracial husband and wife out of East Point, GA were unamused to find their valet ticket had been used to reference their color contrast after dining a restaurant on New Year’s Day.

Sam and Candea Aaron have been married for 13 years and say they have never felt targeted for racism like they did when they made the trek to Spondivits by way of Columbus, GA. After enjoying their meal, the Aaron’s returned to their car to see “jungle fever” sprawled on the tag, as a way of identifying the couple’s vehicle.

“I was very pleased with the service and I gave them a nice tip,” said Sam Aaron who is currently a Sergeant Major in the United States Army recently returned from a Kuwait deployment. “For you to take the time and put a hole in our tag to ensure that we see it…really???” his wife chimed in.

The owner of the Spondivits urged that racism was nowhere tolerated at his business but was quick to point out that the valet attendant was immediately terminated and the offending company, APS Valet are actually contracted out by his business.

In a company statement, Chef Glen Gagne said “The fact that they made such a swift decision to terminate supports my confidence in our valet company. They, like Spondivits, have a ZERO tolerance for racism.”

The Aaron’s weren’t satisfied and reportedly turned down a gift certificate for a future dinner to Spondivits. Candea Aaron said, “I feel really, really uncomfortable,” in regards to the peace-offering refusal.

Hit the gallery to see the pics of the racial scribe. It’s going to be a long 2014.

Photo: WSB-TV Atlanta

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