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Here’s a non-story of story. An image of Kevin Durant smoking popped up on the high scoring NBA player’s Twitter timeline. However, according to KD, it is him smoking a hookah, but he was hacked.

Reports Deadspin:

This isn’t scandalous as much as it is weird. Kevin Durant tweeted a photo of himself smoking—from what seems to be a hookah—before quickly deleting it and claiming his phone was hacked. Hookah’s legal. (One can obviously pack other, non-NBA-approved things into a hookah, but there’s no proof of that.) What’s the deal?

It’s possible that Durant was hacked, though athletes use that dumb excuse all the time when they do something they shouldn’t. Either way, this whole ordeal is just odd.

Before you go saying Durant is copping pleas after bad judgement, he has been backed before. Last year, the Maryland native’s Instagram was hacked.

According to follow up tweets, the alleged hacker sent disrespectful text messages to people in his contact list, including his mother.

More importantly, did you see the drugs (basketball terminology, folks) KD gave Kenneth Faried last night? See that below, and the tweets and photo in question on the following page.

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