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Everybody knows DJ Khaled.  It’s that guy that took DJ Clue’s spot for yelling up and down the record and jumping around the video more than Puff Daddy ever did in Bad Boy.  Yea, that guy.

It seems that Khaled, who has been known for trying to unite Hip Hop and all the rappers with every compilation that he drops, might actually have an enemy.

There were rumors circulating last year that the DJ got into an altercation with a rapper known as Mike West.  Although the speculation had since calm to a whisper, West has finally stepped up to speak his piece on the situation that went down.

In regards to the rumors of the altercation at WEDT 99 Jams, the rapper stated that everything that was rumored was actually true and adding that Khaled tried to overstep his boundaries.

Courtesy of AllHipHop, the rapper went in even further.

“All the rumors are true of me and Khaled getting into it at WEDR 99 jams last year ‘09 and I had to snap on him for first saying to me, “Looking at me like that you’ll get knocked out in this office” at the station. 2) Not keeping his word as once homeboys coming up in the industry together for not spinning my past single “Grand Finale” Feat Pitbull I provided for him to do. 3) Having me waste my time dropping a verse for his “We The Best” project I did after HIS people reached out to me to provide the verse. And they cut me out. 4) Jumping down his neck in the office of the PD for being the fakest person in this industry and not keeping it 100 for all the South Florida artist that we represent. I watched all his moves as time when on from back then til now and I can say he is a TRUE EXAMPLE OF THE WRONG INDIVIDUAL THAT GOT PUT ON AND ALLOWED THE MONEY TO CONSUME HIM.”

Isn’t it always the case that the money clouds a mind’s perception and judgment?

West added insult by saying that he intends to expose Khaled for who he really is.

LISTENNN!!!  Sorry, it seemed like the right message for the DJ.

Check below for the footage of the initial confrontation between DJ Khaled and Mike West

Here’s the diss record that West sent at Khaled