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Nicki Minaj wants to keep your attention, and rightfully so. What with all the a*s enthusiasm around the ‘Net these days, a girls gotta do something to keep herself in the mix.

Minaj has been using Instagram to show more of herself than some would like to see, but others are fine with the skintimate flicks (to each his own). This isn’t to say that the Queens Barbie doesn’t have a good body, one that’s worth showing off (especially if she bought any of said  bodyparts, she’s getting her monies worth), but the timing of her over-sharing scheme is interesting. Two years ago Hip-Hop was all upset with Minaj for crossing over to the Pop side of music with “Starships.” The decision basically paid off since  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded became the best selling Hip-Hop album of 2012.

But in this game,  you’re only as big as your last hit record, and Minaj hasn’t had a huge single in a while now.

That’s not to say that she can’t get back on top. She’s still out there spitting heavy and arguable one of the best (and only) female rappers really out in the spotlight, and now that American Idol is over so she can fully focus on gifting her precious Barbz with a new album. In the meantime in between time, she apparently has to show off that body, or do something sexual, if she wants to really compete in today’s market of female musicians.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Check out 16 things we learned from Ms. Minaj’s Instagram page in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram

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