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Can thugs be defined as entrepreneurs? That’s basically what CNN’s Don Lemon asked Slim Thug during a recent segment on CNN discussing the definition of the word “thug.”

Reports Miss Info:

Last week, CNN’s Don Lemon reported on a video that went viral on YouTube of a toddler in Omaha, Nebraska cursing at his parents. The clip, which hit Lemon personally, triggered the journalist to speak out on “the thug cycle” and if the word “thug” is racist.

After airing on CNN’s OutFront last Friday, Slim Thug hit Twitter to give his thoughts on Don Lemon’s segment. On Wednesday evening, Slim Thug appeared on OutFront with Lemon to discuss his thoughts on the word, personal encounters of racism, and music listeners tying in his stage name with lyrical content.

No resolution was really made during the interview, but props to Slim Thug for defending his position eloquently. And, for this little jewel.

“If anybody listens to music and is influenced by what a rapper says then they wasn’t raised in a good home anyway,” said Slim Thug. “If somebody going to listen to a song and do what the song say, that’s bad parenting off top.”

Watch the full segment below.