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Percy Miller, better known as Master P is as Louisiana as crawfish and Bourbon Street, so any nod to his roots shouldn’t be all too surprising.

Still, the only notable No Limit Soldier these days is still pushing a career that most would consider to have been comatose for years now. When daddy needs a new pair of shows and is in trouble with the IRS, the bills have to be paid somehow.

Which us brings us to his latest attempt to gain some attraction. The Colonel was recently spotted on the set of his new video, “It’s a Jungle Out Here” sporting a traditional Creole costume while posing with a few jungle bunnies.

Master Percy is the same guy who tried to create a headline saying he wanted to sign 2Pac to No Limit Records knowing damn well he died before their prominent run s again, nothing should surprise you.

The whole scenario comes courtesy of P wishing to pull a Beyoncé and drop a visual album titled The Platinum Gift, one that he says will be Hip-Hop’s first. [Editor’s Note: 50 Cent released a DVD dedicated to the music videos off his sophomore album The Massacre so either P is skewing the definition or just trolling].

Hit the gallery to see pics of P as the Big Chief, a behind-the-scenes clip of the upcoming video and look out for Col. Miller’s new rap present January 21 on iTunes.

Photo: Twitter

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