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“My father is a militant and his dad’s a beautician.”

Usually known as the Hip Hop bully, Game might have his hands full as far as rapper Knoc-Turn’al is concerned as he continues to wage war against the Doctor’s Advocate.

With the bi-polar tendencies of Game, Knoc looks to cool down the rapper’s ego and have him just come to grips with the facts.

Letting his mouth loose on Street Disciplez Radio, Knoc began again where he left off sending some idle darts down the lane.

“We’re gonna erase the LA off of his face and it’s a butterfly beneath that. Yeah, so why do I have to talk about a man that I could touch his booty and he would like it? My wife said not to do it but I said you know what, I’m gonna grab my nuts on this one.”

They just won’t leave this man alone about that butterfly tattoo, will they?

He also made sure to respond to Game referring to him as being a ‘f*ggot’ previously.

“You know he called me a f*ggot? You listening? This is just a f*ggot issue — he was a disco dancer…He needs to shut his mouth, you know what I’m saying?”

With Game promising “400 Bars” from his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, who knows exactly how the rapper will respond from here.

Is it just me, or is Game to the West Coast what 50 Cent was to the East Coast in regards to keeping beef in house?

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