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New footage and tidbits of information of Kanye West’s monster debut The College Dropout continues to surface to this day and now America is finally hearing from a voice who was along for the entire ride.

The Bear.

In a recent mocumentary interview with MySpace, the personified Bear explained his past triumphs and tribulations, as well as his absence. According to the article, the Bear pictured on Kanye’s Late Registration and Graduation album covers was not the same one from The College Dropout, as the O.G. let the Fame Monster get the best of him and allowed his thespian persona to land on the wrong side of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Check out some excerpts from the post.

You know was what the first big thing I bought when The College Dropout popped? I bought a f*cking helicopter with my face on it. For real. What the f*ck, right?

Man, so for those first few months I was just doing all kinds of wild stuff. Did you go watch Wolf of Wall Street? Remember the part where Leo snorts coke out of a hooker’s butt. I invented that move. Google it. It’s called “The Berenstain Bare.” Fact. I was just wilding out. It was great. Life couldn’t have been better.

So I get locked up. Of course it’s on TMZ; how embarrassing. Their story was ridiculous, something like I tried to kill a cop after he caught me with a bear prostitute in the park. F*ck those guys.

Read the rest of the article over at MySpace and check the gallery for you hi-resolution College Dropout coke bear-boy photos.

Photo: Sean Mack

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