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As an artist in the industry, a person must constantly walk on egg shells to make sure that they don’t offend anyone.  In trying to sell product to the consumer, known as those that buy the music, it seems like they must appeal to all of his/her needs in order to make sure that their product is supported.

Receiving a heavy backlash in the final product for the music video “Pretty Girls”, Wale was placed in front of the court and blasted for a lack of representation for the Black women with a darker complexion closer to his own.

The recent blast placed the rapper, along with Black men of the world, and put him on trial for disrespecting these women.

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In regards to the music video and its choice of women, Wale made the statement that he wasn’t in charge of picking the women.  He went on to add that there weren’t any darker women present during the casting to even be picked.

Wale even went as far as to present another video in the form of “My Sweetie” which seemed to fan down the “controversy “of “Pretty Girls”

Now, the question at hand at this point is what is the point?  From watching the video, there is an abundance of women from different cultures and different shades and even different sizes.  There was a time when rappers were being placed on the chopping block for not having plus sized women featured for their visuals.

It seems like it was only yesterday that rappers were being yelled at for the whole video vixens and once again disrespecting Black women.

Is there never any responsibility placed in the hands of the women that show up to these casting calls and agree to particular terms?

Another question to be posed is, why not take such an argument to those in charge of the casting call?  Not taking any responsibility off of Wale, but the music industry must seemingly be after a particular look, so it would make sense to bring such a statement directly to their door as opposed to saying that Black men aren’t respecting their women.

What do you guys think?  Does she have a valid argument in saying that Black men, or rappers, aren’t giving the dark skinned Black women enough shine in their videos?