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“You should let your fans, the younger generation and anyone aspiring to be in this game, know the full spectrum.”

While some rappers are only willing to present one aspect, generally the luxuries that come with the fame, the Clipse has always maintained the balance and established the fact that every action has a reaction that can be positive and negative.

Having side ventures such as Play Cloths, Malice is taking his message from his rap and turning it into something ever greater as he is in the works of making his debut in literature.

With the working title “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked”, the literary work will serve as an autobiography that will chronicle his life from his beginnings as a drug deal to making it big in Hip Hop.  He looks to flesh out the good and the bad that has occurred in his journey to fame and success.

“So the book is definitely a very detailed look inside my life and the effects the industry has had on me. Hopefully people take something away from what I’ve learned, and it’s something to look out for.”

As of now, there is no release date or news of who will be publishing the upcoming project.

Along with the book, Malice is also in the process of launching his blog which can be found at

“Well, I’ve got a blog…It’s showing a lot of the intellect and food for thought behind the things we’ve seen dealing with this music game.  We like to show both sides of the game. We don’t just paint the glorious picture of the game with us making a lot of money saying, ‘Everything is just great.”

Here’s a clip of a recent video log from Malice: