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Samuel L. Jackson is a world renowned Black actor. Laurence Fishburne is a world renowned Black actor. They looking nothing alike. However, KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin confused Jackson for Fishburne during an interview on live television.

Rubin was interviewing Jackson about the forthcoming Robocop and asked him about a Super Bowl commercial. To this, Jackson replied, “What Super Bowl commercial?”

The reporter looked off camera and realized the err of his ways (he was thinking of the Kia commercial Fishburne stars in), but not before Jackson put together what happened.

What ensues is pure comedic ether as Jackson goes in on the reporter, saying things like “We don’t alllook alike,” questioning how the “entertainment reporter” doesn’t know who he is and noting that he shouldn’t be confused with Morgan Freeman, too. But the quip about never being in a McDonald’s or KFC commercial is what made us shed real tears.

Peep the video below, courtesy of TMZ.

Photo: TMZ