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Some rappers are addicted to drugs. Others become slaves to fashion.

It appears Saigon’s vice is being cast in reality television’s limelight.

After his relationship with baby mama Erica Jean imploded with struggle on the second part of Love And Hip-Hop’s reunion show, it was either do or die for Greatest Story Ever Told rapper’s future with the model.

On his Twitter account, he retweeted numerous critics disapproving of his behavior on the VH1’s finale and in the process let it be known that the Oprah Winfrey Network would be his next TV home, as he’s slated to appear on popular show Iyanla: Fix My Life.

“None of yall know this girl. But thanks to Iyanla and the beautiful lady we know as Oprah Winfrey for the platform… You WILL,” he stated on his Twitter account.

The show focused on the scenario of Saigon attempting to build a relationship with Jean after they surprisingly had a baby and even showed him having a sit-down with her father as he planned on moving her into his apartment, but according to Saigon, the cameras didn’t reveal the reality of his current plight as he let it known, “For the record , I never wanted, attempted or cared to be in a relationship with Erica. We had irresponsible sex and made a child I LOVE,” the rapper continued.

Which is where Iyanla comes in. Her OWN show specializes in being the amazing grace to lead lost and found individuals from out the depths of Struggleville. Saigon expressed his gratitude for her services in the midst of entertaining his harshest criticism, and posed for pictures with her son.

Check out the gallery to see Saigon’s thoughts on the episode that, according to Peter Gunz, took the heat off his neck and made Tha Yardfather, “Scumlord #1.”

Photo: Instagram/Twitter, Saigon_NYC

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