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Many fans have been in an uproar while waiting for the mixtapes to drop from Jay Electronica and Fabolous as their projects have faced pushbacks like they were studio albums.

Juelz Santana is another artist that can add his name to the list as the Reagan Era was allegedly dropping on Valentine’s Day, but it clearly didn’t.

The general frustration is the fact that the music is free, so what could possibly be taking all of this time for the project to just drop?

Recently completing The Green Ghost Project, DJ Green Lantern spoke with HipHopWired on the matter of rappers trying to create a full project.

I will say, on the positive side, that people are taking time with their work and even like the Fab mixtape. He’s taking some time to tune that up.  Jay Electronia, same thing.  Me and styles pushed our Shyte back to tune it up the right way. I wasn’t really happy with the mastering and Shyte.  It just shows you people tale the quality and the material on it, they take it seriously.

He made reference to Drake and how So Far Gone set a standard and completely changed the way a rapper chooses to approach creating his/her mixtape now as they try and make it a more rounded project

Especially since Drake, how that performed. That’s technically a mixtape, so it’s like your x y z artist and you put your mixtape out in the back of your mind and maybe the front of your mind, you’re thinking damn this sh8t, not that it’s going up against drake, but you’re dropping the same thing for your career. What this tape can do for you is what that did for him, so don’t slouch at all on what you’re doing because look what the hell he did for his. It’s no more ‘Oh, it’s just a mixtape, that’s over.

Anyone has to respect that fact that these artists are trying to present their best, but let’s just keep dates concealed for future reference and just let people know when it’s actually going to drop.