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“The world is inspiring me.”

Even with the success that the rapper has been able to accumulate within his years in the rap game, the world must have still be in awe to see Jay Z performing for the World Series in 2009.

Once that was taken care of, it was only a matter of time before he was tapped for the Super Bowl and even found himself alongside Bono, of U2, creating the Haiti dedication song “Stranded”.

In the history of Hip Hop, never has there been a period which it was so accepted and had begun to expand itself and become globally accepted.

As part of the movement, Jay spoke with MTV and reacted to how far his career has taken him with his music touching everywhere now.

“I get out and see the world and more of the world is accepting of our music and what we do. I’m just inspired by the whole thing and how big hip-hop can be and how much of a phenomenon it is.”

Jigga also reflected on his World Series performance to make the point that no one could have ever imagined a day when Hip Hop would be the opening act for such an event.

“You couldn’t imagine hip-hop being at the World Series. I touched the championship trophy before A Rod and the Vince Lombardi trophy before the Saints. You couldn’t imagine that happening 10 years ago. How about five years ago? I’m saying that to say that the journey hip-hop has taken and we are right now, there’s no imitation to it.”

A genre that has been condemned by so many for lewdness, explicit language and has been accused of brainwashing young minds has apparently become a force that is unstoppable.  Hip Hop has made major leaps in its history and there are no signs of anyone being able to be a roadblock to the movement.