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Scandal finally ended its winter hiatus last night (Feb. 27). So what were the standout themes? Disloyalty and the devil. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Vice President Sally Langston (the lady who stabbed up her husband without breaking a sweat) has had enough of President Fitzgerald Grant and she’s going for blood. Langston opened the episode by waging war against Fitz, and announcing her own bid for presidency.

Meanwhile, Langston wants to keep her vice president gig while she runs for office under an Independent party.  This will be a hard task because she murdered her husband, and blamed it on the devil jumping in her body. The devil is hella sneaky.

Over in threesome land, Olivia Pope, Fitz, and Mellie are still locked in an obtuse triangle of f*ckery, with El Presidente right at the top. Fitz is still in love with Liv, and she wants nothing to do with him, until he backs her up against his desk in the Oval Office. That move works for him pretty much every time.

She should probably think about getting a new man in her life though, just to shake things up. Melie suggested some options for her, but Ms. Pope didn’t digest the advice (yet?). Hit the gallery for info on everything else that went down last night.

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