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Twitter and politics don’t mix like the majority of things and politics and Minnesota State Rep. Pat Garofalo is learning the hard way for a stereotypical tweet aimed at a chunk of the NBA’s player personnel.

During yesterday’s match-ups, which featured five games from around the league, Garofalo distastefully expressed on his Twitter account with a statement that read: “Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime.”

Fox Sports pointed out that the struggle tweets weren’t uncharacteristic of the Republican politician’s thought process who had previously said “How about a New ESPN channel that covers all sports except the NBA. Joke players. Joke teams. Joke league” in April 2013 and ” NBA Draft? Ask me if I care.” during the day of last year’s draft.

He reportedly said his comments were a reaction to the NBA’s infatuation with weed, telling the Star Tribune, he was “”talking about NBA’s high arrest rate and that they are the only major pro league that testing positive for marijuana is not a substance abuse violation.”

Of course Twitter struck back harder than Darth Vader’s empire and, as Twitter user Bomani Jones pointed out, it wasn’t just Black Twitter who were going for Garofalo’s throat. The swift rebuttal was followed by an apology after Garofalo noticed that his mentions had an all-time activity but the damage was all but permanent.

Check out the slanderous Twitter reactions below. Think he’ll ever run for mayor after this or nah?

Photo: Twitter, YouTube

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