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Former boxing champ Antonio Carver was arrested this weekend over a gambling debt. It turns out the Magic Man owes over $200K to a casino in Las Vegas, which led to his arreste in Florida.

Reports TMZ:

Tarver was arrested in Florida over the weekend on a warrant out of Nevada — the arrest documents were vague about the nature of the alleged offense.

Now, we know … Tarver is the target of a criminal investigation for allegedly not settling several gambling markers he took at the Wynn during a 4-day gambling binge in July 2012.

According to the Wynn, Tarver took out $50k on July 24, 2012 … another $50k on July 26 … and $100k on July 27 … totaling $200k.

Besides the criminal investigation, Wynn is also suing Tarver for the cash in civil court in Nevada … the same way he went after Joe Francis when the “Girls Gone Wild” honcho flaked on a $2 MILLION marker.

According to the Tampa Tribune, Tarver was arrested Saturday night (March 1) in Pinellas County.

According to the criminal complaint, Tarver was charged with fraud and theft, which are both felonies, for taking out the money in 2012 and sliding off without ever paying it back.

Tarver famously knocked out Roy Jones, Jr. in 2004 and his last fight was a victory over Mike Sheppard in November 2013.

Photo: WTSP