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The state of Kentucky will most likely always be as red and “redneck” as they come, no matter how many federal liberal laws are injected into their way of life.

The Lone Oak First Baptist Church is giving away guns and steaks in exchange for the general public’s confessions to take Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Chuck McAlister, the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s evangelism leader is showing how much of a religious hillbilly he can be with the tactic to lure in “unchurched men” into their congregation that also align’s with the land of Blue Grass’s favoritism towards the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Which of course is the right to keep and bear arms.

Reports NYDailyNews:

McAlister calls it “affinity evangelism”—identifying a target group, figuring out their common interest or needs, and using that as a bridge to share the gospel.

The guns used during the KBC celebrations are donated by local businesses. Winners get to pose for a photograph with their new weapons during the dinners. The guns are then taken away and held at a local gun shop until their owners can pass a federal background check.

McAlister said he understood how some people might take offense at the KBC’s methods. He emphasized that the churches don’t advocate gun violence.

“We are advocating guns for hunting and protection only,” he said.

The former pastor also shot a :30 spot advertising his Second Amendment Celebration,” complete with banjos and fiddles strumming away to serve as the commercial’s music.

Unsurprisingly, fellow Kentucky clergymen such as Rev. Joe Phelps of Louisville’s Highland Baptist Church and Nancy Jo Kemper, pastor of New Union Church in Versailles think the event is pure sanctified struggle.

Check the evidence of the Holy Bible-bribery in the gallery for yourself.


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