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Reviews are in, and critics and fans alike have applauded the vivid detail of life as a drug dealing gang member in Los Angeles that is ScHoolboy Q’s debut album, Oxymoron. A track titled “Hoover Street” is perhaps the most captivating display of that lifestyle, and today, the TDE rapper breaks down the lyrics on Life + Times’ “Decoded” series.

“Seen my uncle steal from his mother. Yeah, that’s that money that I’m talking ’bout/Think about it, the smoker ain’t got shit and everyday he still get a hit,” is one line worth noting, because it discusses how ScHoolboy witnessed his uncle, who was a drug addict, steal something from his grandmother.

“I was a kid, and my grandma was arguing with him loud as f**k,” ScHoolboy recalled, though he cannot recall what his uncle stole. “He was a crack addict. He, like, has it [the stolen object] in his hand. He’s not trying to walk off too hard, ’cause he know she’s old — she’s going to fall.”

But in the end, the TDE rapper says his grandmother ended up falling and his uncle left the house without helping her up. That’s when he realized how serious drugs were to addicts.

Stories like this are the reason Oxymoron debuted at number one on Billboard charts. Hear him decode the record in full below.

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