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In this product driven world, it isn’t very difficult to find items that add a bit of a Hip-Hop touch to your respective humble abodes. We’ve made a habit of purchasing said knick knacks, and if you do the same, we suggest  CoolSocksBruh, a brand that specializes in coffee mugs and graphic socks.

The coffee mug business isn’t exactly a new terrain for the business minded, but the images they’ve selected are dope to say the least. Our (actually my) personal favorite features the one and only Cam’ron. Animated imagery of the Harlem rapper garbed in pink robing while positioned like a Christ-like figure would certainly be an interesting conversation piece at home or in the office.

The remaining CoolSocksBruh selections are more conventional. One mug features Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s iconic debut album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version and another dons the familiar Death Row Records logo with some slight modifications. Find their latest wave of mugs on the official website.

See some of CoolSocksBruh’s goods on the following pages.

Photo: CoolSocksBruh

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