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The day Mastermind released, Rick Ross parlayed with veteran journalist Elliott Wilson for his CRWN interview series. A longtime rapport with Ross allowed Wilson to ask questions that fans on the Internets have inquired about for some time.

Topics ranged from a correctional officer past, which the MMG rapper is lot more candid about these days, and the scrutinized Trayvon Martin lyric to why he pays homage to legendary MCs in his music (i.e. “Tupac’s Back” and most recently “Nobody”). Wilson mentioned the segment of Hip-Hop fans who think classic music should remain untouched, and asked the Miami native if he considered this prior to releasing these sorts of records.

“You most definitely anticipate that,” Ross said. “To me, that’s one of the beautiful things of Hip-Hop — just the relationship fans can have with they favorite artist.” However, Ross simply wants to put himself on that position, but he explained that he’d never try to “fulfill B.I.G.’s shoes.” We assume that the same goes for Tupac Shakur.

For more, peep parts one and two of Rick Ross’ CRWN discussion below and on the following page.

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