The trial for Miami rapper Pitbull began yesterday in Miami, Florida over a DUI charge and if convicted, he could be faced with prison time.

Real name Armando Perez, the charge stems from December 2007 when police pulled over the Cuban rapper when they clocked him doing 93 mph. Had this been his first instance, maybe he would be fairing a lot better, but Perez had an initial DUI charge in March of 2001. In that case he was able to just plead no contest, got a slap on the wrist, and paid a fine.

The actual police report stated that the rapper was driving 93 mph in a 55mph zone as he sped past a marked cop car in his silver Mercedes. According to the report, Perez initially would not get out of the vehicle and it was easy for the officer to detect the liquor on his breath even though he tried to mask it with chewing gum. Along with this, Perez’s speech was slurred and he had bloodshot eyes.

Of course Pitbull has plead not guilty to the charge with the whole misunderstanding BS that they try to pull, but the power of the dollar usually wins the battle so his legal team will probably be able to pull through for the rapper.

Pitbull has recently seemed to be trying to give off some type of bad boy image as of late. At a concert earlier this year, a fan jumped on stage and threw money in the rapper’s face. Pitbull’s response was subtle, but effective, as he proceeded to punch the fan in the face knocking him back into the crowd and finished his song.

According to Pitbull he had given the man more than enough warnings to stop throwing money in the air and pulled the man on stage in order to make a point. When the money was thrown he felt disrespected and acted accordingly. I guess he’ll learn to only throw money at the strip clubs now.

Well Mr. 305 let’s hope you don’t find yourself living in that 8X11 with Pookie. In the mean time, let’s try and calm down that Latin flare, or the ignorance of getting caught twice for the same crime.

As they say, fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, end up on a prison chain gang.

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