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A quick perusal through the Hip-Hop Wired archives will depict the state of Florida as a breeding ground for some of the most despicable news bits in the country.

Thank Patrick Williams of Daytona Beach for adding to fire when police say he allegedly tried to solicit a prostitute with his four-year-old son riding shotgun in his vehicle.

Literally, this makes for the worst father-son day out of all-time.

Reports WESH Orlando:

With his 2-year-old son in the car, police said Patrick Williams tried to pick up a prostitute for oral sex on busy Ridgewood Avenue, but the working woman police say he was soliciting was actually working undercover.

Police Chief Mike Chitwood said the Ridgewood area is a hot spot for prostitutes, and taking his son along for the ride was a dangerous and stupid move.

“I said I got my kid. She said ‘that’s cool, I’ve got a room.’ I said ‘yeah, yeah whatever.’ Then we turn around to get away from my car. As soon as I turned, drove way away. Blocks up the road, they lit me up,” Williams said.

Chief Chitwood couldn’t have been more disgusted telling news cameras, “Normally on Ridgewood Avenue are these disease-infested prostitutes. You run the risk to get robbed or whatever else you want to do and you think it’s okay to bring your 4-year-old kid with you?”

To make matters even worse, Williams is married and the toddler’s mommy was at home waiting on both of them.

Hit the flip for pics of the alleged crime scene.

Photo: WESH Orlando

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