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Lord Jamar has been in the news of late for a series of controversial statements, including saying that white rap acts are not part of Hip-Hop’s true lineage. Fellow veteran rapper Buckshot of Black Moon fame challenged Lord Jamar’s assertion that Hip-Hop is a strictly Black art form.

Sitting with VladTV, Buckshot unleashed a fiery tirade against Lord Jamar over his statement that whites are rap outsiders. Speaking passionately and quoting Nation of Gods and Earths lessons, Buckshot goes on a three-minute rampage over the entire matter.

“How was it [Hip-Hop] originally a Black thing? Stop it,” responded Buckshot to Lord Jamar’s claims.

“The day you could bust a n**ga chest open and pull out his heart, and I could see a black heart and a white heart, and know how those s**ts operate, you good. Cause until then all I see is two f**king organs that pump blood,” added Buckshot.

Buckshot, who attempts to cover a lot of ground in this retort to Lord Jamar, takes his humanist approach quite seriously. Lord Jamar’s response, if he cares to acknowledge what’s being said here, could be one for the ages.

Click here to watch the VladTV clip of Buckshot challenging Lord Jamar’s perception of Hip-Hop.

Photo: VladTV