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Hip-Hop artists interact with their peers and camps as if they were family members when the truth of the matter is, the music industry is simply a glamorous business. When situations deteriorate, artists with enough sense and experience take what they learned and move to their the next facet of the career.

Others get crabby and show their ass in the ugliest way possible way.

Once considered to be an unbreakable ride-or-die soldier, Tony Yayo finally cracked and voiced his displeasure for 50 Cent’s recent string of independent moves.

50’s response? Yayo is a millionaire and didn’t need to be spoonfed anymore.

Tony wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last agitated rapper to deflect from a good situation they have made in the shade. Some rappers got hot early underneath a bigger name and pressed their luck too soon, just to see the career crash and burn like the last minute on an energy drink’s clock. Then there were those who were oblivious that their talent or marketability would only take them so far and still weren’t comfortable in the cushy shotgun seat they were given.

Hip-Hop Wired has rounded up 15 rappers who basically were given three star cuisine and spit it out because it wasn’t seasoned how their mother used to make it.

Only a handful of these Judas MCs still have substantial careers. As for the rest? God bless.

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