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Florida has an unhealthy relationship with social media and murderers. Actually, the Sunshine State has a terrible rep for all these criminal-related but let’s stick to the basics for now.

Palm Beach police have accused 42-year-old Tilus Lebrun of stabbing his boss to death and critically injuring another employee after he was infuriated over his picture being posted on the Internet.

More than twenty patrons allegedly witnessed Lebrun slice Dimitrios Karaloukas just like the food he worked on in the kitchen of Jimmy the Greek Taverna located on 8221 Glades Rd.

Via Sun Sentinel:

The horrific crime unfolded inside the packed dining room of a popular West Boca eatery. More than 20 terrified diners watched as a worker wielding a huge knife stabbed the restaurant owner and another worker during a dinnertime melee.

The reason for the rampage? Palm Beach deputies say the worker — 42-year-old Tilus Lebrun — was angry that his photo had been taken and posted online on March 2. So he attacked Dimitrios Karaloukas, owner of Jimmy the Greek Taverna, during Thursday’s supper rush.

Karaloukas died of his wounds a short while after being stabbed. The other worker, not yet identified by deputies, was taken to Delray Medical Center in critical condition.

The photo that started it all has yet to surface, and it’s not known what it showed.

In the aftermath of the crime, Karaloukas’s family was left in shock.

Lebrun got no bail and gets no love from around these parts. Flip though the gallery to see pics of the crime scene.

Photo: Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Facebook

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