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Longtime media personality Wendy Williams has never shied away from sharing personal details of her life, including her struggles with drug addiction. In a recent interview, Williams talks about her dark past and even shared that she was even able to smoke crack and use cocaine while on the job.

The outspoken host of The Wendy Williams Show appeared on Centric’s Being documentary series, sharing her story of how she rose from college radio to one of the most powerful people in media today. The New Jersey native talks about taking her first radio gig while in college at Northeastern University, launching a career that has taken her to both high and low places.

While working in Washington, Williams took on a job in New York and worked marathon style between the two cities. As a result, the rising radio star found drugs to be a comfort.

“That’s when I picked up the cocaine. First of all, I was burning the candle at both ends and in the middle,” explained Williams. “Second of all, I had the money and access and the time to do it.”

After getting an overnight full-time job in New York, her addiction spiraled and the freedom she enjoyed aided her drug use. During the late hours, she was often the only person in the radio station, and she took advantage.

“I could literally lay lines right there. I stooped to smoking crack, and it’s not secret, but I could literally smoke my crack right there in the studio,” said Williams.

“I loved doing coke. I absolutely loved it. And there was never a time where I said ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ Because I was able to pay my bills, I was able to live a very nice life, but I got fired [from HOT97],” she added.

Eventually, Williams kicked her habit but did so on her terms. In her usual bold fashion, Williams said that it was her doing, not her family or intervention, that got her to leave cocaine behind for good.

Watch the entire Being documentary in the clip below.

Photo: Centric