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Kanye West copped a plea. Yeezus will not be charged in the case of assaulting a photographer in LAX. In exchange he pled no contest and will have to take anger management classes. 

According to TMZ, West pled no contest to misdemeanor battery. This is crucial because he didn’t admit any guilt. Part of the deal includes the attempted grand theft charge (for trying to grab the photographer’s camera) has been dismissed.

West also agreed to 24 private therapy session for anger management.

Kanye also agreed to complete 250 hours of community service, and agreed to stay clear of the photog in question.

West has also been placed on probation for two years. If he finishes that time period without any run ins with the law, the conviction will be erased from his record.

West didn’t get away without having to pay up some loot, though. West has been ordered to stay away from the photographer, pay for the damages to the his equipment and his medical bills.

Interestingly, said photographer (who has also filed a civil suit against West) was in court and urged that Yeezy be sent to jail because of the emotional and physical injuries he caused him. He also said this was all a ploy to promote the Yeezus album.

Photo: WENN