HHW: So you believe Suge Knight is responsible for the killing of Christopher Wallace?

Lloyd: His child’s mother told that’s what happened. When you look at the police reports and Reggie Wright says he believes Suge is responsible for it. And these are the people that are close to him. So I don’t know what else you need.

HHW: Are you familiar with Greg Kading?

Lloyd: Yes, I spoke to Greg about three weeks ago.

“I called [Suge Knight] a b*tch, rat and everything else you can think of in the whole club. Everything I am telling you I have told to his face.” 

HHW: Do you believe his theory about Suge Knight enlisting Wardell “Poochie” Fouse to kill The Notorious B.I.G.?

Lloyd: I can just go off what the reports say. I don’t want to implement anyone or anyone’s family into crimes other than Suge. As far Suge being behind it, he orchestrated it. As far as who pulled the trigger I don’t know.

HHW: In the past the Hip-Hop community has found Reggie Wright, former Head of Security at Death Row Records, less than credible, as he has vehemently defended Suge Knight.

Lloyd: Suge told a lot of lies on Reggie. He told so many lies that he took Reggie’s credibility away. Blamed a lot of things he did as far as mismanagement of money and other things. So to me Reggie is credible because he never tried to be anything he wasn’t. He used to tell Suge “don’t involve me in your crimes.”

HHW: What we will find out about the Tupac Shakur murder in this film?

Lloyd: That murder is going to be cut and dry in what happened. How Tupac is disgusted looking down on Suge after he lost his life running around with this guy and now he working for the government. Like what did you really die for?

HHW: Do you think Suge Knight had anything to do with his murder?

Lloyd: Absolutely not.

HHW: Where do you stand on the Russell Poole theory?

Lloyd: The Russell Poole theory is bullsh-t. That guy [Kevin Gaines] was messing around with Suge’s ex wife [Sharitha Knight]. That’s all that was, that’s how the link was made.

HHW: What is your desired reaction when the documentary is finally released?

Lloyd: What I want is for Hip-Hop to get behind it and put pressure on the government. They can’t say they are looking for justice but using a guy that’s breaking all the laws. Suge beat up Akon’s brother Abou [Thiam] about three weeks ago. This guy weighs about 130 pounds. How do you expect Akon to react to that? He can’t tell the police; his credibility would be down the drain. He could either let him get away with it or put himself in jeopardy. Why does the government allow these situations to happen over and over? Are they behind him and he’s the puppet? These are the questions that need to be answered.

HHW: It’s an interesting theory that Suge Knight could possibly be a government informant considering..

Lloyd: It’s not possible, it’s for sure. My theory is 100, I know when someone is trying to set me up. I know he is an informant.

HHW: I bring that up because he is quick to label other rappers as informants for beating repeated offenses.

Lloyd: What do you do when you’re an informant? You get the heat off you. He tried to destroy Snoop because Snoop was doing well. Snoop had money to fight all that, at least he went to court for them. Suge didn’t even go to court for those cases. They just disappear, or misdemeanors with no motions. Everyone wonders how he missed a six-year federal racketeering investigation and he couldn’t get indicted.

HHW: It is always mentioned that Suge’s lawyer David Kenner was so juiced in, he would get a lot of favors extended to him by judges and other lawyers.

Lloyd: I need Reggie’s help with this, but there is a story about how Suge tried to cooperate against David Kenner with the FBI. Suge has tried to cooperate against Kenner, but Suge’s attorney at that time David Chesnoff told Reggie “tell Suge I don’t represent rats.” Suge ended up doing a six-month violation because his attorney wouldn’t take him to court to go against Kenner. Maybe early on Kenner helped him, but Kenner won’t be able to get you out of a federal racketeering case. When the FBI comes they would take Kenner with them.

HHW: So why did they sentence Suge Knight to nine years in prison for for the beating of Orlando Anderson that occurred prior to the killing of Tupac?

Lloyd: The next day a war started in the streets and a lot murders happened in Los Angeles. They couldn’t have him in the streets. That was a state case. If the state really wanted to prosecute something, the feds can’t stop them. He never thought he was going to get nine years, let’s keep that in mind. With all those murders not every judge cares that he is an informant.

HHW: So I am only left to believe that Reggie believes Suge is an informant as well?

Lloyd: Yes he does. Look at Yukmouth. How do you beat them up, take their chain, everything on parking lot surveillance and he doesn’t go to jail. How does he hit the guy at the dispensary and threaten his life and he doesn’t go to jail?


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