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Labeling someone a snitch is a very serious accusation. Things get even more serious when the accused is Suge Knight. Lloyd Lake is saying just that with a new documentary tentatively titled Justice For Tupac & Biggie.

Lake, who has known Suge since 1994, is raising questions that have yet to be posed. With his G file filled to the brim with incidents of violence, it is hard to imagine Knight as a stool pigeon.

But when you consider some of Lloyd’s theories about the former Death Row Records executive’s extensive history of getting arrested but never doing any hard time, you start to wonder. Additionally, long time associate and former Head Of Security at Death Row Records Reggie Wright is also putting the snitch jacket on Suge.

So naturally Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Lloyd Lake to talk his history with Knight, legal corruption and why the Hip-Hop community should help Kickstart the project.

Hip-Hop What’s your background in the entertainment field?

Lloyd: I first met Suge in 1994 through a mutual friend name Buntry. CJ Mac did a song going at Dr. Dre called “I Ain’t F—in’ Wit Cha”. He just left Mack 10’s label Hoo-Bangin’ Records so I ended up selling the song to Death Row. So from that day forward Suge wanted me to do business with him. But I didn’t want to work for Death Row because I knew that was a disaster with the atmosphere I witnessed. I eventually got indicted from all the people I was associated with and the FBI wanted me to cooperate. They said I had a cop that was telling me information that I wouldn’t cooperate on. In short they bother me until this day and they send informant after informant.

HHW: So what brought you to the point that you want to get the Justice For Tupac & Biggie documentary done?

Lloyd: Well really during the Reggie Bush situation, the FBI used Reggie Bush and Suge Knight in an informant capacity to put me in the middle of a bunch of extortion plots. The whole time I handled myself around him [Suge Knight] as he was an informant because like I said I’ve been through a federal indictment. The feds say the investigation was started behind Suge Knight but his name never got mentioned one time during the grand jury.

So with that in place I had asked Suge how he beat the case in Vegas of beating his girlfriend in 2008. He said they could never find the girl but I know the girl and she said they were never looking for her. I know Melissa [Isaac] and she said “they were never looking for me.” This is the girl he was beating in front of the police with a knife in hand. Keep in mind he is a three striker, any lawyer in America will tell you that’s a case you are going to prison for with those three strikes he has. And then he had those drugs in his front pocket.

I think the government uses him to get information. Like I was on the tour bus with Lil’ Wayne in 2008, they were on their way to Yuma, Arizona from San Diego. Suge was like “let’s ride with Lil’ Wayne to Arizona on the bus.” I told him no because I had stuff to do the next day and I didn’t have anything with me. Later that night the bus got pulled over at Yuma, Arizona and Lil’ Wayne got arrested. Same thing happened with Scott Storch in Las Vegas.

We were all there in the studio listening to music and partying. And out of nowhere Suge Knight just left abruptly. So when he left, I left. Later on Scott Storch is arrested for cocaine. I think they use Suge as a mole for information. They know exactly when to pull people over. Look at Petey Pablo, he did three years because Suge was threatening him every day. It’s not right that the government allows people that work for them do these type of things to artists and make the Hip-Hop community look bad as a whole. And the government are the ones behind it when they use guys like Suge Knight to cause friction with other artists.

I was there when Suge Knight was trying to instigate Lil ‘ Boosie to do a song dissing T.I. calling him a rat but Boosie didn’t bite the bait. He constantly tries to start these rap battles. Is it a part of a bigger plan by the government? That’s why I am making this documentary.

“Suge told a lot of lies on [Reggie Wright]. He told so many lies that he took Reggie’s credibility away.” 

HHW: So the underlying theme is why Suge isn’t in prison at this point because he is connected to so many crimes?

Lloyd: Yeah and they know he killed Biggie! You never indicted him or arrested him on that because he works for the government. You have plenty of evidence to get Biggie’s case be solved. But he’s the equivalent of Whitey Bulger in terms of the number of crimes the government lets him get away with because of the information he provided was more valuable than the victims and their families.


Photo: Justice For Tupac & Biggie

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