HHW: In the teaser to the documentary you briefly show Eric “Von Zip” Martin and his connection to Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Lloyd: Just to show a link to Puffy and the Southside Crips that killed Tupac.

HHW: When did it dawn on you that Suge was an informant?

Lloyd: When I caught him a restaurant with known informants and I called him a b*tch, rat and everything else you can think of in the whole club. Everything I am telling you I have told to his face. The only thing that he said “after that is you don’t want to be my friend anymore?”

HHW: Break that down.

Lloyd: Some attorneys were telling me that Suge was hanging around these guys who were known informants and Suge knows they’re informants. I didn’t say anything that night but I asked him and he lied about it. Moving forward to 2012 or 2013, I saw him at the Stingaree nightclub in San Diego. Suge comes in with another informant, not the same one but his brother. He didn’t know I was there. I asked him who he came in the club with and he said he came alone. After that he asked me to commit a crime that night and I knew something was up. So I’m very upset with him at this point.

HHW: Do you have any evidence or paperwork that proves Suge is indeed an informant?

Lloyd: Look when you’re a Whitey Bulger, they don’t put out paperwork. When you’re a confidential informant for the FBI they don’t have any papers on that. Whitey Bulger was an informant for years before anyone knew. [In the documentary] you’ll see a lot of reenactments of crimes that occurred, attorneys, judges, etc. so the viewer will have to ask why didn’t he do time for that? I think he also played a part in that Murder Inc. trial. Look at all the indictments; he’s all around it in Hip-Hop.

HHW: While you still were cordial with Suge, did he ever speak on the murder of his late friend Jake Robles who was killed in Atlanta?

Lloyd: Yeah he blamed that on Puffy.

HHW: Why should people support your Kickstarter campaign to get this documentary done?

Lloyd: We got to get it done so this could never happen again to the current Hip-Hop community. There are a lot of traps set up by people like him that divide people and create lies. We have to stop it so no one else gets killed. Reggie is telling stories that have never been heard before. He’s a treasure chest of stories concerning Death Row, Tupac, Snoop because he saw so much.

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