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Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both stand as perhaps the most iconic figures of the Civil Rights Movement, bonded for eternity by what they’ve achieved. Now, a handwritten letter that King sent to Parks is up for sale and is said to be only such known correspondence between them.

Autograph and memorabilia collection company Moments In Time is in possession of a letter King wrote to Parks where he thanks her for supporting his fight for civil rights. The letter, dated April 12, 1960, was brief but captures the well-documented struggles King had with the work he undertook.

From the letter:

“I have been intending to answer your very kind letter of March 14 for several days . . . Your very kind words are very encouraging and consoling.”

In the midst of constant harassment and intimidation and because of my involvement in the civil right struggle, I often find myself asking, ‘Is it worth it?’ But then a friend of goodwill comes along with kind encouraging words that gives me renewed vigor . . . to carry on.”

The letter was written during a time where King’s involvement with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was increasing along with his profile. King endured setbacks during this critical point of his leadership, and was dogged by the police for his peaceful demonstrations against segregation and racism.

Moments In Time has set the price for the letter at $125,000.

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Photo: New York World-Telegram & Sun